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At Unembeza, our commitment to conscious living extends throughout our lodge as we strive to be aware of our impact on all aspects of life in our beautiful town of Hoedspruit.

From the renovating of the lodge, to the stocking of our kitchens, we strive to source local goods and services and support our local community.

We are committed to the principles of reduce, recycle, reuse and support community-driven tourism and entrepreneurial initiatives.

We’re conscious of the amount of water we use to run our lodge and actively look for ways to offset this, including through our grey-water system.


Unembeza Boutique Lodge supports a well-known and well deserving charity organization called Hlokomela. This award winning charity mainly does HIV and AIDS education amongst the local farm workers; however they also run a breast cancer awareness program and a reusable sanitary pads program which Unembeza supports by making a monthly financial contribution.


Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Limited knowledge around breast cancer, long travel times, and unaffordable or unavailable tools for detection and treatment mean that women in this part of South Africa are often not diagnosed with breast cancer until it is too late to treat. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective and sustainable way to screen for and treat breast cancer, preventing hundreds of deaths each year.


You too can DONATE to their cause!


Young girls skip school during their menstrual period because they can’t afford hygiene products. Hlokomela provide washable, reusable sanitary pads to these girls so that they can stay in school. Long-term, we will help limit the ecological damage caused by disposable pads being thrown into rivers and on the streets in rural areas where there is no municipal trash collection. This project also creates jobs and seamstress training for local women in our Sewing Project to make these re-usable sanitary pads.